Meredith M.

I love working out with Rebecca. The workouts she creates for me are challenging and rewarding. I have seen great results from working out with her and always feel both challenged and supported. I’ve lost weight and I’ve toned my muscles, and most importantly I feel good in my body. Rebecca is patient with me when I need to slow down and she intuitively knows when I can do a little more and will respond well to a little push. She is a wonderful person and an incredibly knowledgeable trainer and I feel super strong since I’ve started working out with her!

Amy S.

Rebecca is an amazing trainer. She works with all fitness levels from beginners to elite athletes. Her workouts include a combination of cardio conditioning, strength training, core and stability. She is great at inspiring me to push myself when I need a boost. She always comes to our sessions with a new program. In fact, we have never done the same workout twice. I highly recommend Soul to Sole Fitness!

Gloria T.

Rebecca is a phenomenal teacher. I had not trained in a number of years, and she started me off exactly where I needed to begin. In the course of time, Rebecca brought me to levels of strength and flexibility that I never dreamed were possible. She has my highest recommendation.

Brenda T.

Highly Recommend any class taught by Sole to Soul. Excellent instruction encourages each person to work hard and always offers modifications for individual limitations. Rebecca creates a warm, fun, community vibe so class is interesting and each work out is varied!

Mindy P.

Rebecca is amazing! Always encouraging me to push on. Starting to see awesome results.

Lynate P.

Rebecca does a great job of challenging you to reach beyond your comfort zone, but also can easily modify any exercises to accommodate whatever injury might ail you. She’s super knowledgeable, a lot of fun to work with, and creates great community in her classes.

Tina K.

I can not recommend Rebecca enough! I came to Rebecca after some challenging health issues and injuries. I have been working with her for 6 months and am so impressed with the gains I have gotten with ZERO injuries because she is so adept at changing the workout on the fly if something in my body is off. The workouts are hard… I would never, ever work as hard without her, but they are also fun and always changing! We have not done the same workout once, so I never get bored. I wanted a trainer this time around that understands the bodily changes that come with being a middle aged woman. What I got when I found Rebecca was someone that looks at the body in a holistic way, encouraging me to look within when my body is speaking to me. I have never felt more powerful.

Patrizia M.

Rebecca works with all levels, listens to your needs and works with you to adjust and evolve the training as you progress. She is quickly understood my limits but also my potential. She pushed me hard, however i always felt safe, heard, supported and never judged.

Angie W.

LOVE Rebecca! I’m not one to join a gym or do a class more than once but BOOT CAMP is amazing! Never the same workout keeps it interesting and the people I have met are so fun!

I 💗 Soul to Soul fitness.

Mindi W.

I’ve been working out with Rebecca 1-2 times per week for several months and it’s been awesome; I’m so much stronger. She always mixes things up, she is supportive and motivating but never mean, and truly wants to help her clients improve their fitness. Highly recommend!

Kathleen M.

Rebecca is a fabulous personal trainer! She challenges me to work on my conditioning, balance, strength, flexibility, and so much more. We work on every muscle set and I’m developing muscles I didn’t even know were there. And I’m in my fifties! I’ve lost ten pounds since we started working together three months ago, but more importantly she has helped bring out my strength and confidence. I have more energy and feel more positive about myself than I have in years.